Our Story

Transworld Business Advisors is a Proven Business.

Our Story

Transworld Business Brokers was started in 1979 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and became highly successful very quickly. Andrew Cagnetta decided to share the successful business model by taking advantage of the opportunity to franchise the business, which is exactly what Transworld Business Advisors advises other business owners to do.

Meeting a Growing Need

The need to buy, sell, and franchise businesses is constant, but is currently even higher than usual. With many professionals having been laid off from jobs, a larger than usual number of entrepreneurs are looking to purchase businesses that have already shown the ability to generate revenues. Since many baby boomers are retiring, a high number of business owners are also looking to sell their businesses, helping to meet the buyer demand and placing Transworld in a uniquely advantageous position.

Growing Franchise Demand

The franchise industry is booming, so many successful business owners are looking to franchise their successful concepts in order to expand and many entrepreneurs are looking to buy into an existing franchise concept. Transworld Business Advisors helps business owners figure out how to successfully franchise their business, transcribing business processes and concepts so that they can be replicated by franchisees. Transworld also helps franchises find competent and interested franchisee candidates.

Helps Business Owners Sell in Confidence

One of the most difficult parts about business brokerage is that most business owners do not want customers and employees to know that the business is for sale until after the transaction has been complete, sometimes not even then. Many customers will abandon a business when ownership changes, regardless of whether the business itself changes. Employees may also begin searching for other jobs out of fear that the business will not remain stable. When customers and employees leave, it can affect revenues and stability.

Transworld Business Brokers helps business owners sell in confidence. Business owners can call Transworld Business Advisors and associates will help to meet the needs of the business owner by finding a buyer whose interests are aligned with those needs. Transworld Business Advisors help business owners to sell without ever having to put a “for sale” sign up or worry about how the sale will affect the way the business runs. This confidential process helps new business owners to transition seamlessly into the ownership position.