Turnkey Investment

Transworld Business Advisors is a Proven Business.

Turnkey Investment

Commercial real estate is experiencing an explosion like never before as baby boomers begin to retire and the economy picks back up.

The trend towards franchising is also expected to continue at a phenomenal rate, making this the perfect time to invest in a business such as Transworld Business Advisors that capitalises on all of these concepts. With Transworld Business Advisors’ easy to follow franchise model and systems, franchisees can hit the ground running, but first there are a few financial requirements that must be met.

Franchise fee: £50,000

Management Service Fee: 10% of revenues

Franchise Fee

A franchise fee of £50,000 + VAT must be paid to United Franchise Group in order to purchase a new Transworld Business Advisors territory. This fee is much lower than most franchises and can yield higher earnings than alternatives. In return for this fee, franchisees receive the materials needed to begin a business brokerage and the support of a vast network of experts.

Total Transworld Business Advisors Investment

Franchisees should expect to invest a total of around £50,000 when opening a new Transworld Business Advisors franchise. This investment is far less than most franchises, as franchisees do not have to worry about maintaining inventory or even furnishing an office. Business brokerage companies can be run completely out of virtual offices, since there is no need for actual office space. Virtual offices provide communication services, which is all that is truly needed to run a Transworld Business Advisors franchise effectively.

Management Service Fees

Transworld Business Advisors requires franchisees to pay 10 percent of commissions from sales towards Management Service Fees (MSF). This is not payable in the first 6 months so the franchisee is given ample opportunity to establish their business. Thereafter there are incremental payments for the minimum MSF in line with the Franchise Information Memorandum.

Technology Fees

Transworld Business Advisors remains a successful business brokerage company in part because of the Total Online Marketing System (TOMS) and the database that helps to link commercial buyers and sellers. The software that is provided allows franchisees to market the businesses and franchises that are for sale across the internet, uploading listings directly to the website and sharing them throughout the system. The full software suite virtually runs the entire agency, making the business very simple to run. Franchisee are charged £125 a month for the Technology Licence Fee.