Are you putting off what you could do today?

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With the instability of the world around you, it’s too easy to put off what you want to do, until things settle. But, how many times have you done this over the last couple of years?

Would you say you know the true value of time? It is one of life’s lessons which often comes too late to be fully appreciated. As author and businessman, Donald Miller once wrote, “Fear tricks us into living a boring life.” One which can be safe and comfortable, but can be unfulfilling. Within this, is the realisation of knowing there are dreams and goals, you have yet to achieve.

What do yours look like? More time with your family? More free time to explore the world? More control over your diary? More finance in the pot when you retire?

What is stopping you from achieving what you want? Work is too busy to find something else? The economy is unstable, it’s not the right time? Your children are about to start university and you need to support them? The right opportunity hasn’t come along?

Some perfectly valid reasons. But, if you’re thinking what you really want, is to start your own business, instead of lining the coffers of someone else’s retirement plan, then maybe it’s time to stop putting off until tomorrow what could be done today. For, “tomorrow never comes”. There’s always something else you’ll need to devote your time and energy to.

Does business ownership feature in your future?

Transworld Business Advisors, is offering you the opportunity to seize your day. Our franchise opportunity has already empowered 250+ franchise partners to take control of their future, and become their own boss. They benefit from the joy of knowing they control their own diaries, and can choose how they work, as they build a future-proof asset for themselves; not for someone else.

This could be you

As a Transworld Business Advisor, you’ll guide your clients through the process of selling their business, by connecting them to the right buyer, and negotiating the right price to close the deal. As a Transworld Business Advisor, you’ll feel exhilarated, energised, and emboldened, knowing you’re making a difference to the future of both your clients, and yourself.

How do we know this? Because since 1979, Transworld Business Advisors the world over, have been guiding clients to successful sales, with our knowledge and experience, by taking the lead on their behalf.

Continuous Personal Development

When you take the step out of your comfort zone, into business ownership with Transworld Business Advisors, you’ll gain the benefit of knowing we will support you, to full success.

Our Franchise Training Programme has given our franchise partners the confidence to start finding clients, and closing the business deal. But, you won’t be alone, as the Franchise Support Team will guide you through the first few deals, so you can implement the learnings in reality. Our training has been proven to work for 43 years, and because there is so much change, we are constantly revising and updating what you learn, so you’re always ahead of the curve.

Carpe diem

Ready to do today what can be done today? It’s an easy first step – send an email, or call 0203 911 1059 to speak to Henry Ziff, Managing Director of Transworld Business Advisors UK. He’ll then arrange a convenient time for you to take your next step – a conversation about how the Transworld Business Advisors franchise, can help you feel more in control of your future.

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