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How to build a more rewarding future

With a Transworld Business Advisors franchise, you’re investing in a business which offers you financial security, and the ability to build a more rewarding future for yourself. According to a report in the Financial Times on 12th April, people in the UK are more concerned with the cost of living crisis, than they are about[...]
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Are you putting off what you could do today?

With the instability of the world around you, it’s too easy to put off what you want to do, until things settle. But, how many times have you done this over the last couple of years? Would you say you know the true value of time? It is one of life’s lessons which often comes[...]
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TBA close the deal on award win

At the Acquisition International M&A Awards 2021, Transworld Business Advisors have been announced as winners of the Best Lower Mid-Market M&A Advisory Firm. With the ability to increase market share, reduce labour costs and expand distribution, a good merger deal can create many opportunities for a business seeking to drastically improve its performance in a[...]
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Can you achieve future career fulfilment?

With so much noise about the “Great Resignation” what opportunities are available to you, if you’re ready to do something about your career? How about a supported route into business ownership, with Transworld Business Advisors? Are you content in your current role, or do you feel uncertain of the future? A number of surveys suggest[...]
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How to change your career, smoothly

Do you have any career development plans for 2022? One thing you may not have thought of – you could be running your own business, with the support of Transworld Business Advisors. If you’re thinking about a career change in 2022, it probably won’t surprise you to know you’re not alone in this. You may[...]
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Time to quit (doing what everyone else wants you to do)

You might be in a comfortable position, almost at the top of the ladder, but are you really content with being “comfortable”? Or is it time to do what YOU want to do? How would you describe your career? Are you still being challenged in your role? Or have you become complacent with going through[...]
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