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The New Year. A time to reflect on what life is all about. Are you really chasing YOUR personal career goals? Is there more you can achieve? We think there is – which is why we would like to invite you to consider your options with Transworld Business Advisors.

When people hear the word “broker” it can conjure up negative connotations. But what if we told you being a BUSINESS BROKER is different.

Transworld Business Advisors has been helping people realise their dreams for 41 years, and we are proud of our heritage. From helping people step into business ownership, to helping business owners find the best exit strategy for their future, Transworld’s 500+ business brokers have been at the forefront of some of the most important decisions people will make in their lifetime. If you choose to join the Transworld global family of business brokers, you will receive exclusive training and insight into our highly personalised business sale process.

What does this mean, exactly?

It means you can take control of what you do in 2020, and establish your own business. Why wait until the New Year to taste success, and feel appreciated?

The easiest way for you to see what this means, is for us to highlight some of the exciting deals Transworld Business Advisors UK supported in 2019:

Rescuing a deal which was about to fold 
As a serial entrepreneur, one seller had taken his online beauty business as far as he could, and was ready to sell it and move on to his next project. However, he’d lost one buyer earlier in the year. One of the biggest challenges Transworld of London’s MD, Henry Ziff, faced, was as a result of the business only having gone through its first development lifecycle. “Because of the newness of this business, the due diligence process became more challenging. To best present the business to our new buyer, I carried out a more detailed analysis of the business than normal, to deliver the key information I knew he wanted to see.”

The deal was mutually agreed at a healthy £120k, “The buyer was keen to complete the transaction in time for Christmas. Having been in the industry for a while, he knew gifting is a massive part of the health and beauty market.”

Supporting future stardom

Transworld Business Advisors of London South West was approached by a young actor who’d established a business whilst waiting for a career break. Nada Selah, who supported the deal says, “The owner had invested in his mobile food business for nine years. He was a recognisable face at many of the UK’s festivals, and was keen to ensure the business maintained a presence, where customers had come to rely on him”

The buyer Nada found was perfectly suited, “He’d been involved in TV production, but was looking for a business he could operate around spending time with his family in Italy,” Nada explains. “He understood where the seller was coming from, having been in the industry. Being at the festivals required the new owner to be on site with the mobile catering van for weeks at a time, which perfectly suited his future plans. He could pick and choose which festivals he wanted to be present at throughout the year, based on his family and the Italian sunshine.”

A positive impact on the UK’s economy, in spite of Brexit

An Oxfordshire businessman, whose business supplied the NHS with highly-specialist surgical equipment, approached Transworld Business Advisors East Yorkshire after seeing John Waterston’s presentation at their local BNI chapter. “He’d been trying to sell his business for a year. Although the buyer was keen, the process had hit a slump, and neither party knew how to inject momentum back into negotiations, which John was able to reinvigorate. The buyer was based outside the UK, and had two or three divisions, including pharmacies, and surgical equipment. So, this was an exciting acquisition for them on various levels, and give them a way into the UK market after Brexit.”

The business sold for £980k to a firm based in the EU who wanted to invest INTO the UK. As a result, they’ve secured jobs, increased their activity, and expanded the UK-side of their business.”

With the support of Transworld behind you, you can build a business which makes a habit out of supporting people’s goals, as you pursue your own goals.

Brokers become what the seller needs

In the words of one of Transworld’s satisfied clients, who used the services of her local Transworld broker for the sale of two of her businesses, “I discovered having the right broker is like having my own security guard. Transworld Business Advisors protected me from buyers who might have hounded me for information they weren’t entitled to within a negotiation phase, or those who were trying to mine details about my business.

“My brokers took a lot of hits on my behalf, protecting me from challenges I’d experienced with the sale of my first business which I’d completed without a broker. I had a real sense Transworld was on my side, and were chasing what I was chasing – the best possible outcome. I never ever felt I was being played off against the buyer, so developed a high degree of trust for my brokers, and wouldn’t want to try and sell a business without them in the future.”

If you are interested in discovering more about making 2020 a year of helping other people with their future passions, Transworld can help you with your business ownership goal. Contact Henry Ziff today on 0203 911 1059 or visit: https://info.transworldfranchise.co.uk/join-us

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