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Time to quit (doing what everyone else wants you to do)

You might be in a comfortable position, almost at the top of the ladder, but are you really content with being “comfortable”? Or is it time to do what YOU want to do? How would you describe your career? Are you still being challenged in your role? Or have you become complacent with going through[...]
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No time to wait

Some people seem to wait for the “right time” before they make the move to start a new business. But through the power of franchising, you don’t need to wait: life is what you choose to make of it. Have you ever wanted to do something, waited for the right moment, only to realise you’re[...]
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Taking control of change puts you in charge

Change is inevitable. But there are ways you can take control of change, as Ken Gorman, co-owner of Transworld Business Advisors of London South West demonstrates. Have you ever reached a point in your career when you knew something needed to change, but you weren’t sure what? Or maybe you’ve advised others about their own[...]
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Why should you consider a business sales franchise?

Businesses are being sold every day. As a franchise supporting business owners through the sales process, Transworld Business Advisors has everything you need to build a successful business, and a rewarding future. If you are thinking about whether Transworld Business Advisors is the right franchise for you, one of your hesitations may be around how[...]
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