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How mutual connections built trust for a successful deal

For one couple in their 70’s, retirement seemed a distant dream they couldn’t attain. They needed to exit their business, but weren’t sure how. However, with the support of John Waterston, from Transworld Business Advisors of East Yorkshire, they are now enjoying a new lease of life. When John first met with the seller of[...]
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Using experience to build a new successful new family business

Kevin Wicks joined the Transworld Business Advisors UK network because he appreciated the guidance of an expert advisor when he sold his business. Now, he is combining his experiences with Transworld’s 41+ years success, to offer support to business owners, whilst inspiring the next generation. If you are someone who wants to offer expert guidance and[...]
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The satisfaction of living the dream, led one couple to invest in helping others fulfil their dreams

Insert Image Not everyone manages to live out their dreams. Lewella and Richard Long, however, not only fulfilled theirs, but now they’re helping others achieve theirs, with a new Transworld Business Advisors of Norfolk franchise.  Some people dream of establishing a successful business, others dream of building something which is popular in the local community,[...]
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Combining previous experience with a strong business model is a recipe for success

John Groves is no stranger to selling a business or three. So, when he came across the Transworld Business Advisors franchise, he recognised within it a culture which suited him. An entrepreneur in his own right, John Groves understands the value of a good exit strategy, and strengthening your business ready for sale. “Throughout my career[...]
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Until the world returns to normal, we won’t let anything stand in your way of success

Like many businesses, Transworld Business Advisors has adapted how we provide training to our new franchise partners, so they can confidently open for business.  You may be wondering how the current pandemic, with its restrictions on travel and meeting in person, has impacted your chances of taking a step into franchising. You may have looked at[...]
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Transworld Business Advisors UK welcomes four new franchisees

​In spite of the economic landscape, Transworld Business Advisors has welcomed four new franchisees into the network. Each one, having completed their training during the pandemic, is now open and ready to support other business owners.  If you are looking for a credible career move to propel you forward, you might have already considered franchising. The[...]
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