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When you become a Transworld Business Advisor, you’ll soon find your new business is going from strength to strength as one success leads to another, and another…

When first starting out in your new business, as with anything, experience leads to confidence. Working with your first clients can be both exciting and daunting. However, with the support of a franchise system, as you set about making your clients’ lives easier, you can lean on the collaborative experience of the wider network. Then, as you gain confidence through your own experiences, you begin build a reputation for yourself and the brand.

And you can achieve this, when you invest in your own Transworld Business Advisors franchise. 

Franchise Partner Nilesh Wadhwani, owner of the Transworld Business Advisors franchise in Gatwick, is experiencing this for himself. Early on in his business development, Nilesh set about establishing himself as a reliable source of buyers for Subway in the South East. As a result, he has a regular network of business sellers who need his support to help them sell their businesses. Which is the crux of what Transworld Business Advisors offers. We have, over the last 42+ years, supported tens of thousands of business owners to exit their businesses, successfully.

After completing several successful sales, Nilesh believes Subway feels confident about the kind of buyers he introduces to them. His success and attention to detail has enabled him to the type of reputation for good business sales, which Transworld Business Advisors prides itself on. “The best leads always come from recommendations,” Nilesh explains. “If you are referred by someone you’ve worked with to buy or sell a business, 50% of the work is already done. There is a certain element of trust already there. As a business advisor, if I don’t have my client’s trust, I don’t have anything.”

Nilesh’s most recent Done Deal followed hot-on-the-heels on the success of another, when he was approached by a buyer interested in one of his listings. “A couple initially enquired about a store I’d just sold,” Nilesh says, “but when they told me where they were based, I knew there was another store just about to come on the market, so was able to offer them a lucrative alternative. The buyers had moved down to Kent from Scotland. They already owned a Subway franchise in Scotland, so were looking for the same opportunity in the South.”

Although the buyers were approved Subway buyers in Scotland, the process in Kent differs to such an extent Nilesh supported his clients through, step-by-step: from a price agreement with the seller, to meeting the Subway Standards. “As a result of having an established relationship with Subway, I was able to support my clients and we closed the deal within three months, which is exceptional – especially during the pandemic, with all the challenges it presented to the sale process.” 

Nilesh continues to make valuable connections right across Kent and Surrey, and is a good example of how much can be achieved with your own Transworld Business Advisor franchise. When asked about the key to his success, Nilesh admits he never gives up learning, though he knows he still has a long way to go. “For me, I didn’t have the experience of selling a business, which is why I joined Transworld… but it was just the beginning. I firmly believe it’s important to join hands with experienced people from whom to learn and grow; Transworld is a good example of this. However, the more deals I close, the more experience I gain, and the better prepared I am for the next one. Every deal, is a learning process. If you keep this in mind, there’s no cap on what you can achieve.”

Are you ready to realise your full potential and start investing in yourself, and your future? If so, maybe it’s time you spoke to us about how we can help you. Contact Henry today.

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