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In spite of the economic landscape, Transworld Business Advisors has welcomed four new franchisees into the network. Each one, having completed their training during the pandemic, is now open and ready to support other business owners. 

If you are looking for a credible career move to propel you forward, you might have already considered franchising. The benefit of investing in your own franchise business, and all the franchisor has to offer, is highly advantageous. Especially if you still have career goals you want to accomplish, but don’t have years to invest in building something from scratch.

Over the last few months, four professionals were looking for a new opportunity for their career, and saw a profitable future with Transworld Business Advisors. They have recently joined the growing UK network, and are in the process of opening their own Transworld offices, sharing a collective desire to support business owners with the sale of their businesses.

Allow us to introduce John, Kevin, Lewella and Richard, as they explain their reasons for choosing to open their new Transworld offices:

John Groves

Owner of Transworld of Milton Keynes

Having bought and sold his own businesses, John wanted to use his experiences, before he retired, to support other business owners by secure profitable exits.

“After the sale of my last business, I decided to consolidate my exit experiences, with Transworld Business Advisors’ 40+ years of success. I’d built-up three of my own businesses – including an IT company, and a Telecommunications business – before selling them on. Each business I sold, I used a different approach, before realising I could have done things better, had I used the right processes.”

Although he didn’t use Transworld for any of his own business sales, in his due diligence research, John recognised a quality in their sales process which would have made his life much easier. “Through my new franchise, I now want to focus on helping my clients secure the best price for their own businesses, in as painless a process as I can guide them through. Combining Transworld’s processes of development over the last 40 years, with my own personal experiences, and finance and accountancy background, made good business sense. I am confident I will grow a successful and profitable business, as I help many clients.”

Kevin Wicks

Owner of Transworld of Teesside

With the increasing red tape, and increasingly cut-throat nature of the industry he was in, Kevin was ready for one last change in direction before retirement.

“Having started-out in business when I was 21, I didn’t actually plan my exit strategy until I was in my fifties. The petrochemical industry I had started out in, along with the pharmaceutical and nuclear industries I also worked in, had changed so much I no longer enjoyed what I was doing. I’d had experience in consultancy over the years, especially with large turn-around projects. So, felt this was the direction I wanted to move in.

In looking through the various franchise opportunities, Kevin soon found one which would suit him. “I don’t have enough time left in my career to start from scratch, and so having researched various options, I believe Transworld was the right fit for me, both culturally and in terms of the credibility they offer in the marketplace. It feels like they have given me a three year head-start, compared to if I’d started my own business.”

By combining his experiences with the Transworld model, Kevin says, “I think I have enough grey hairs and credibility to successfully support my clients through the sale of their own businesses. Selling a business is a very personal life-issue, I know, as I have been through some very uncomfortable situations myself. So, I also bring to the table a sense of empathy.”

Richard and Lewella Long

Co-owners of Transworld of Norfolk

Husband and wife entrepreneurs, Richard and Lewella Long, have always worked together, conquering the pet industry and online retail, side-by-side.

“We opened our initial business, in 1992, growing from wholesale into a vast online retailer, as we moved with the times. In 2015, we made a strategic sale on it. We’d also been supporting one of the big supermarkets, by supplying products for their online catalogue, and sold our second business around the same time. This left us free to pursue a new goal – a move to North Carolina, where we set up another business, still within the pet industry.”

When they moved back to the UK, after selling-up another profitable business, Richard and Lewella were ready to use their experiences to support others. “For 30+ years, we’ve been involved in entrepreneurship, retail, online retail and the pet industry, and whilst we’ve loved what we’ve done, we weren’t ready to build another business from scratch. We know what it’s like to sell a business – including large multi-million pound ones.”

With Transworld, Richard and Lewella are able to combine their personal experiences with the world-class training Transworld provides. “We always used a broker to ease the burden of the sale process – especially as selling a business is very personal. The Transworld training has given us a deeper understanding of how best to support other business owners through the sales process. This, combined with our experiences, has given us the confidence to know we will deliver the best support, so they too can achieve their goals.”

Of his new franchise partners, Henry Ziff, Managing Director of Transworld Business Advisors UK, says, "We are delighted to launch three new offices across the UK, over the last two months. We are now in a position to support local business owners around Milton Keynes, Norfolk and Teesside, at this pressing time.

“Each new Transworld office is run by someone with a wealth of knowledge and insight they will use to support local business owners through their business exit, having had personal experience of setting-up and running, then subsequently selling their businesses. It is this real life expertise Transworld provides to small and medium size businesses owners across the UK, and around the world. We understand the highs and lows of running a business and can, therefore, expertly guide our clients to their own successful business exit."

Why not consider opening your own Transworld office? Contact us today to find out if our business model is right for you, by calling Henry on: 0203 911 1059 or emailing: [email protected].

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